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You can call it what you want. Whether it’s swag, ad specialties, or tschotchkes, promotional products can be an extremely effective way to promote your organization. People love to receive small gifts. There’s no better way to make them aware of your brand than to give them something that they use or wear regularly.

What You Should Know

It’s obvious that promotional products can make a big impact for your brand. Here’s the problem – With literally hundreds of thousands of products and thousands of manufacturers to choose from, making the right selection of product and supplier can be a little daunting. There are a lot of products, but pricing, quality, and delivery can vary dramatically from supplier to supplier.

That’s where Print House comes in. Over the years, we’ve established relationships with key suppliers who manufacture the right products at the right price and who can meet tight delivery deadlines when necessary. PH will help you make the best product choice, helping you select a promotional gift that meets your needs, your budget, and your time constraints.

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Here are a few of the services we provide for you:

Selection and Samples

Portfolio SamplesYou’ll need help matching your promotional campaign needs with the right product from the right manufacturer. There are sometimes thousands of similar products to choose from with prices that can vary dramatically. Some suppliers are dependable. Others . . . not so much.

Over the years, Print House has developed relationships with key suppliers that produce quality products at the right price points. Time permitting, many of our suppliers will provide product samples for a minimal cost.

Take a look at the selection in our Promotional Products Catalog to get some ideas. You can upload your logo to create a virtual product image. Write down the item numbers for a few products that interest you, then give us a call. We’ll help you make a final selection that meets your budget and your schedule.

Managing the Art

Promotional manufacturers use a variety of imprinting methods to reproduce your logo and brand info. We’ll make sure that art is provided in the right size and file format and with your brand colors specified correctly.

Need special branding for an event or a campaign? Print House makes that easy, too. Our graphic design department will work with you to produce art that will unify all of the materials you’ll need – print, posters, mailings, and promotional products.

Order Fulfillment

Selecting a low price from an online supplier may be tempting, but a product that arrives too late for a trade show or delays a campaign can cause real problems. Foreign producers may offer a low price, but delivery promises can be vague.

For the best selection of products, price, and delivery, place your order 4 – 5 weeks before the deadline. If you don’t have that much time, don’t worry. There are still plenty of options.  Print House can help you select
manufacturers who can commit to rush deadlines when time is short.

sealing a box imageRush Orders

Purchasing promotional items is one thing. Getting them out to salespeople and clients is something quite different. Print House simplifies the process with our distribution and fulfillment services.

PH can fulfill orders from field salespeople or ship directly to your clients. We can also ship an assortment of products for a trade show or event.

We’ll handle the details of shipment and tracking, allowing you to spend time on more important sales and management tasks. You’ll have full control of your inventory with online reporting and data download capability to allow you to see who used what.

Trade Show in a Box

We call it our “Trade Show in A Box” Program. Print House helps relieve the trade show shipping hassle by handling fulfillment for you. We can assemble the products and literature you need and even inventory and ship the displays for you.

PH can also arrange drop shipments of larger products to that are difficult to transport. We’ll make sure that your promotional products are there waiting for you when you arrive.

After the event, just return the surplus to us. We’ll add it back to your inventory. You’ll have full control with online reporting and data download capability to allow you to see who used what. More information is available on our distribution and fulfillment page.

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My Story: Harry Poulton

Harry PoultonEvery salesperson loves the major projects, but this story is about a smaller one. Believe it or not, it’s about tattoos – not the permanent kind, but the ones that come off after a while.

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center is one of my clients. Every year, there’s a team from the hospital that trains for the Boston Marathon. Last year, one of their team members passed away suddenly, just a week before the race. This year, the team wanted a way to commemorate their friend.

It’s a little different, but the idea they all liked was a tattoo that could be worn in this year’s race to honor their friend. Yes, we have a source for tattoos. We’ve just finished the art.

In the big picture, the order doesn’t amount to much, but the tattoos mean a lot to the marathon team at Beth Israel. Sometimes the small jobs can be the most important ones.

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