At Print House, we take pride in offering more than just exceptional printing solutions; we elevate your professional style with our in-house embroidery and heat press services. Whether you’re aiming to create custom-labeled uniforms, branded polo shirts, or personalized hats, we’ve got you covered.

Fast Turnaround Times and High-Volume Batches

What sets our decoration services apart is our ability to accommodate fast turnaround times and handle high volume batches with ease. We understand that in today’s fast-paced world, time is of the essence, and you can’t afford to wait. That’s why our in-house decoration team is equipped to swiftly transform your ideas into beautifully embroidered products.

We Can Embroider Just About Anything!

We mean it. Our dedication to versatility knows no bounds. Our experienced team is always ready to explore new possibilities and deliver embroidery solutions that exceed your expectations. We can embroider just about anything your company needs, ensuring your brand’s presence is felt in every aspect of your business:

Still not sure if we can embroider something for you? Feel free to ask us!

Take customizing to a new level!

Our Heat Press service offers full color decoration on a wide variety of garments. This is perfect for logos with many colors, shading, or gradients. It also allows for low order minimums, starting around 10 pieces. The material we use for our press also has a better texture than most heat press decals, and feels closer to screen printing.

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