Your expectations are clear. Exceptional quality, consistent color, and print that pops off the page. That’s good. In fact, it’s just the kind of work we like to produce at The Print House. Print is a meticulous combination of art, science, and technology and we’re set up for the kind of print that the most particular designers and art directors in Boston demand.

Offset Printing

IMG_0411You’re interested in results, but it’s the combination of skill and equipment that produces the kind of product you want to represent your brand and your organization. At The Print House, we’ve been careful to invest in equipment and people that produce the best work. All of our equipment is calibrated to exacting Gracol G7® standards. Our 5 color Komori sheetfed press is designed to produce offset work that is too demanding for many of today’s presses. It’s automated, very fast (16,000 sheets/hour), and is can produce heavy ink coverage and exact color with very little waste.

Our pressmen have a combined experience of 64 years in offset production. Even with all of the automation, the pressman’s eye is still critical to the final appearance of your project. Whether it’s a run of 6,000 or 600,000, you can rest assured that they’ll be checking your project carefully to make sure that the first sheet and the last meet your exact standards for color, clarity, and consistency.

Digital Printing

Digital Press ControlsEver wonder why short digital press runs don’t have quite the same appearance as your longer run projects? While digital and offset may never be an exact match, The Print House has come up with a solution that brings them very close in appearance. Our digital equipment is calibrated to the same G7® standards that we use to control offset color. Quality is excellent for even very short runs of 100 or 500 pieces. And now you can combine personalized digital pages and inserts into longer offset runs without worrying about colors that don’t match or print quality that’s observably different.

Wide Format Printing

Whether you need a couple of banners for an event, posters for the next production, or floor graphics for a network of retail stores, The Print House can provide you with easy and economical solutions that meet your application. We print on a variety of substrates including vinyl, adhesives, and backlit films. If you’re providing large format print to a variety of locations, we can reduce the stress with fulfillment services that allow your clients  or field staff to order online from inventory or on a print-on-demand basis.

Learn more about wide format printing.

About the G7® Standard

g7master_seal_webColor management has always been difficult for printers. The essence of the problem is simple – different devices produce color in different ways. The same combination of CMYK colors produced by an offset press using ink can look dramatically different from the toner combination that creates color in a digital press. Worse, color can vary from machine to machine depending on environment, temperature, paper, and a variety of other factors.

Gracol’s G7® standard goes a long way towards solving the problem. GRACoL is an abbreviation for General Requirements for Applications in Commercial offset Lithography. That’s technical, but the G7® standard is all about measurement, specifically the process of calibrating different machines so that the color output is device independent. In short, different machines produce the same color with very tight variances.

Certification under the G7® standard is expensive and time consuming. That’s why most printing companies still produce what is termed “pleasing color.” Printers who make the investment in G7® certification recognize their customers desire for consistency. Brand assets (logos, etc.) from these printers should be accurate and correct across a range of printing devices, both digital and offset.

The Print House is a G7 Master Printer Qualified production facility. More information about the GRACoL G7® standard and certification is available at

Print Finishing

Collator and BookletmakerFinishing or “bindery” refers to essentially everything that is done to a printed product after it leaves the press. It’s the finishing that gives your printed products their final shape and frequently the extra punch that gets them noticed. The Print House offers a full range of bindery services to our Boston area clients.  It’s a long list, so it’s easier to simply state that if you can dream up a final printed product, we can usually figure out a way to produce it.

Here are just a few of the bindery options and services that we regularly provide for our customers:

  • Folding
  • Cutting
  • Saddle Stitch Stapling
  • Collating and Booklets
  • Foil Stamping
  • Scoring
  • Inserting
  • Spiral and Wire Binding
  • Laminating
  • Die Cutting

My Story: Jim Hollis

Jim Hollis

I call it grace under pressure.  I don’t know if it’s because of our size or just the people, but it’s really kind of amazing how things can turn on a dime and how all of us pull together to make it happen.

At the end of last year, one of my favorite customers literally hammered us. They were in freak out mode – they had 10 jobs that were all due nearly the moment the orders were placed. They thought it was impossible. What I saw was the two foot stack of work that landed on my desk.

I love problem solving, turning chaos into order. To me, it’s creative. My hobby is origami, not just paper birds, but the kind that starts with a big sheet of paper and ends up with something really complex. I like the math behind that kind of problem, so the pile of projects was kind of a challenge.

I did my part, sorting the different projects out and getting them into our system and into the workflow. Then, the Herculean Effort took place, but it wasn’t like that. Paul pitched in to help in bindery,  the guys in the back got a little intense, and the work got done.

My customer would probably have been happy if ⅔ of the projects were completed on time, but we got them all. On time. No mistakes. Just right.

The funny thing is, impossible happens every day.

Some of Our Favorite Products:

Sell SheetsManuals
PadsSpiral-bound Books
FormsPerfect Bound Books
Case Bound Books
EnvelopesInvitation Sets
LetterheadPersonalized Mailings

Yes, we do business cards, too . . . hundreds of thousands each year!