Our priorities as a company are exceptional quality, consistent color, and print that pops off the page. We’re set up for the kind of print that the most particular designers and art directors demand.

Off-Set Printing

At Print House, we’ve been careful to invest in equipment and people that produce the best work. Our 5 color Komori sheetfed press is designed to produce offset work that is too demanding for many of today’s presses. It’s automated, very fast (16,000 sheets/hour), and it can produce heavy ink coverage and exact color.

Our pressmen have a combined experience of 70 years in offset production. Even with all of the automation, the pressman’s eye is still critical to the final appearance of your project. Whether it’s a run of 6,000 or 600,000, you can rest assured that they’ll be checking your project carefully to make sure that the first sheet and the last meet your exact standards.

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Digital Printing

Ever wonder why short digital press runs don’t have quite the same appearance as your longer run projects? While digital and offset may never be an exact match, Print House has come up with a solution that brings them very close in appearance. Quality is excellent for even very short runs of 100 or 500 pieces and now you can combine personalized digital pages and inserts into longer offset runs without worrying about colors that don’t match or print quality that’s observably different.

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