Graphic Design

Print can be functional in purpose. You might not think of a form or a report with art in mind. The function is to communicate information, but art is an integral part of print. The words may convey specifics, but the design adds to the meaning. Design defines the flow, draws the eye, and adds to the enjoyment of the reader.

Design can also help to define the identity of your company or organization. The choice of color, the memorable style of a logo, even the choice of a typeface can convey an attitude or a company culture. That’s why design is such a critical part of branding.

You know the importance of a consistent brand image. We can help you to create brand standards that communicate the identifiable look you want for your communications program.

Creative Design

PMS Swatchbook

As one of our clients, you’ll have access to a creative design staff that can work with you to generate ideas, then translate them into art that conveys your message, your brand image, and your organizational culture. Our design services move well beyond the technical skills needed for print. It’s not at all unusual for one of our creative designers to take part in a conceptual meeting with a client to discuss options for color, art, and paper. In fact, our creative staff is available for design reviews and consultations upon request.

Design Services

Here are just a few of the design services you’ll find valuable when you work with the Print House:

  • TPH Print ArtColor Selection
  • Paper Selection
  • Composition, Layout, and Finishing Options
  • Typography
  • Artwork and Illustrations
  • Logo Design and Brand Standardization
  • Design Review and Consultation

print targetPreflight

If you use an outside agency, or have graphic designers in-house, they’ll appreciate the care they receive from the Print House. Files can be easily submitted online, and every project undergoes an intensive preflight check before you receive a proof. We’ve included basic guidelines for file submission on this website, and we encourage you to talk with one of our graphic designers if there are any questions about preparing files for print.