Direct Mail

With all of the digital communications options available today, you might not think much about old-fashioned mail. However, consider this:

  • Direct mail is the most effective communications channel for non-profits –Mail works best for event promotions, fundraising, and capital campaigns.
  • People read print more intensively– It’s the best option to convey a complex message. There’s no substitute for printed mail when it comes to conveying the details.
  • Direct mail sticks around– long after digital communications have vanished. It’s tangible and it’s shareable.

Marketers and corporate communicators are coming back to direct mail for one good reason – it works. Targeted direct mail can produce a high return on investment, especially combined with other communications channels. New print technology enables marketers to test concepts and content with short runs, personalized mailings, and timed deliveries to amplify their digital efforts and increase response.

Why Should You Choose Print House for Direct Mail?

There’s a lot more than machinery involved. While many Boston area printers and mailing houses offer mail sorting as a service, the Print House takes a different approach. We like to get involved during the planning phase, and we’ll work with you from concept to delivery to make sure your mailings get noticed and produce results.

Design is a key consideration when planning a direct mail project. We’ll work with you to create art that fits your brand standards, but also to determine the best format for your mailing. Postcards, folding mailers, and letters are all options, but you may also want to consider something unusual, like a lumpy mail piece. Beyond informational content, every mailing should include an offer and a clear call to action. It’s the combination of concept, design, and message that generates response.
Before sending a large mailing, it makes sense to test the concept. Time permitting, we can help you segment your list to check the effectiveness of different versions of copy and offers. Short digital press runs also allow you to test personalization and response channels.
The Print House can work with you to select and purchase narrow focused lists based on the demographics and behavior of your target marketing. You may also want to segment your existing mailing list by geography or other determinants. Segmenting the list can help with analysis of results. It can also allow you to manage the timing of follow up calls, emails, or additional direct mail messages.

Variable Data printing enables you to incorporate personalized data in your messages. If data is available, it’s very possible to use purchase or preference data to create one-to-one messages. Geographical or location data can also be used to personalize mailings with maps or directions to nearby locations.

“Bulk Mail” isn’t always the answer for every mailing. First Class postage may be appropriate for letter mail to a C-level audience, while Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is an inexpensive way for a service company to saturate a neighborhood. The Print House will work with you to determine the mailing or shipping method that will produce the best results at the most economical cost.

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Technology in Action

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My Story: Kathy Burke

Kathy BurkeI’ve always worked in accounting, but for a good while I also handled most of the mailing projects at The Print House. One day, we were handling a long mailing for one of our larger accounts. As I watched the addresses coming from the inkjet printer, I began to notice that the second address line referenced the same apartment. I stopped the job in the middle of the run and started looking into the problem. It turns out that over 1800 of the addresses in the list all had the same second line.

It turned out that our client had installed some new data management software that scrambled the list when it downloaded. They were able to solve the problem and get us a new list, but I was just glad to have caught the error. We wasted some paper, but avoided a real disaster, had the project actually been delivered to the post office.

What I really love about working at The Print House is that we never, ever have to question making the right decision, even when it might be expensive for us. We watch out for our customers and try to catch all of the mistakes without being concerned about who has the responsibility.

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