Dimensional Mail and Promotion Boxes


The world may be digital, but direct mail still packs a big punch. Any type of direct mail marketing can be effective, but there’s one form that sends the others packing: dimensional mail.

Dimensional mail can be any dynamic package that has more depth than your standard, flat-rate envelopes. They can be bulky boxes, cylindrical containers, tasteful tubes, or a variety of other shapes and styles.

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Branded Promotional Items for
Corporate Gifts or Swag Boxes!

Including a gift in your mailer can turn your contacts into loyal customers (who doesn’t love free stuff?), but it’s not as easy as throwing any promotional product into your package. The right product should be fun and functional while also supporting your brand and business.

For example, a holistic dog treat brand might send a free sample of their organic, veggie-based treats to tempt potential customers and their canines.

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Dimensional Mail Shapes and Sizes

Get creative with your dimensional mail design! Dimensional mailers can take just about any form, from boxes to cylinders to padded envelopes and more. The key is to design a dimensional mailer that matches your message and creates an exciting opening experience for your recipients.

A few of our most popular dimensional mail options include:

  • Rectangular and Square Gift Boxes (a variety of styles to choose from)
  • Tube Gift Boxes
  • Pop-up Cube Mailers
  • Center Pop-up Mailers
  • Video Boxes and Brochures
  • Photo Changing Postcards
  • Holographic Postcards
  • Desk Toppers
  • Perforated Pull-Tab Brochures
  • Extended and Tabbed Mailers
  • Telescoping Mailer
  • Scratch-off Content