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Your time is valuable. It’s a hassle to reorder the same items every few weeks or months. Compound this by a sprawling team separated by several offices, and it turns into a headache. At the Print House, we can work with you to create a customized online storefront solution. An online storefront functions like your team’s personal catalog: order the printed material or promotional products you rely on in seconds, save your brand standards so they’re easy to access, and keep a pulse on what’s been ordered and what’s in stock. Your storefront is just a click away – but your Account Manager will always be on hand to solve problems and provide one-to-one service.


We’ll set up an online storefront with your regularly ordered products.


Tired of fooling with all of the business cards? Give others the access to place orders as well.


Manage your inventories or print-on-demand. Get what you want, when you want it.

Why an Online Storefront?

  • Reduces Errors– End users can order and proof their own products.
  • Consistency– the Print House produces or sources all of the products in your catalog, assuring that color, design, and quality are consistent throughout your organization.
  • Reporting and Cost Management– Orders and shipment reports are readily available with customizable features for authorization and billing.

Here’s How It Works:

At your request, The Print House will create an online portal for your organization.  We’ll include any product that you’ll be ordering repeatedly. If you’d like to distribute the responsibility to the sales team or branch offices, we can add other users who might want access to the portal. You’ll see the reporting and you can approve the orders if you’d like to exercise control over who orders what and when.
There’s a lot of flexibility built into the Print House’s online ordering system. If your branch offices need to customize letterheads and envelopes with their address, they can simply complete a form to create their own version.

You control the basic look of the product, assuring that your brand standards are met, but the offices can fill in addresses or other information that may change from location to location. They’ll see an immediate proof that will allow them to approve the art before the order is submitted. Once they’ve placed an initial order, they can select their version from the order history to reorder. Business cards work the same way. Your associates can order and proof their own business cards. We’ll print them quickly and ship to the address they specify.

Custom items, like business cards or personalized notecards, can be printed on demand. Print-on-demand is also a great solution for other items that are ordered infrequently or in small quantities. Typically, orders will be produced and shipped within 3 days of proof approval.
Online ordering isn’t just for small quantity items. Sure, it makes sense to print business cards by order because each version is different, but ordering larger quantities may make better sense for other items. Your organization may have field operations in several states that order the same sets of brochures and training manuals. You’ll want to print in bulk to reduce the unit costs of the products, but don’t want to be responsible for housing and shipping that inventory out unless it’s needed. That’s where the Print House steps in.

Our online ordering system is flexible and can be customized to set minimum inventory and replenishment levels to assure that you receive the economic benefit from long runs. You’ll be able to monitor shipping reports and order histories, and approve replenishment orders before we print. The Print House can also work with you to consolidate billing and assign account codes that speed your accounting processes.

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Getting started with Online Ordering is easy, but it does require an email or a phone call. Just get in touch to set up a meeting with one of our representatives. We’ll go through the process with you and quickly set up a site for your frequently ordered items. The system is easy to use, but we’re also there to help with training and placing your first orders online.

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My Story: Jeanne Rago

Jeanne Rago PhotoI’ve worked at The Print House for longer than I’d like to talk about. When I started with the company, I operated a Compugraphic Varityper. That’s a typesetting machine that doesn’t even exist any more. In those days, there was lots of manual work required to prepare a job for printing. Now it’s all streamlined. Files go directly from my Mac to a digital press or to a platemaker for the offset press.

I’ve had the opportunity to learn so much. Today, a lot of the work I do for clients is preparing their online ordering sites. It’s a great feature for them that makes ordering and processing their projects so quick and easy. I recently created an ordering site for a large veterinary group. They have 6 locations and we print over 100 different products for them, plus business cards. Each location has their own portal where they can order what they need when they need it.

Printing has come a long way since I started and I’ve loved the opportunity to add skills over the years. Working at The Print House is great because you’re part of an excellent team that pulls together. We communicate and cooperate and everyone pitches in to produce exactly what our customers need.

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Online Ordering Isn’t Just for Print

Many of our clients rely on the Print House for Managed Inventory Solutions that go beyond print. We work with them to ship promotional products, customized packaging, and a surprising range of other items from our warehouse in Malden, MA.

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