Managed Inventory Solutions

Your space is valuable; outdated printed materials aren’t. We can help you reduce the clutter with a managed inventory or warehousing solution, storing items in bulk at our facility to ship exactly when you need them.

Whether you’re ordering a single kit for your newest employee or several thousand brochures for your next tradeshow, the Print House can create a distribution method that fits your teams’ needs. We can ship sales toolkits to your field staff’s hotel, coordinate daily orders based on real-time updates, and even ship day-of if you’re storing inventory with us. Regardless of complexity, we’ll find a cost-effective solution.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

The ordering system automatically tracks on-hand inventory and can notify you when replenishment is needed. We can automatically stock inventories of print products to agreed levels or work with you to reorder other items that you distribute. You’ll have full reporting capabilities to allow you to track shipments and stock levels. All data is available for download into Excel to help with use analysis and forecasting.

Your clients or your staff can place an order with shipment instructions on a customized Online Storefront. Products can be listed individually or in a catalog for easy access, and you’ll be able to designate which members of your team can place an order. Shipment destinations are pre-populated to save time and for your convenience. Approvals and permissions can be set according to your workflow and tracking requirements.
We’ll set up secure processes to manage and protect your shipping lists. Your shipping data is in one place and readily available when you need it.
The Print House can adapt to your billing system, simplifying the process to code for multiple departments or aggregate invoicing when shipment volumes are high.
Managed Inventory boxes photo
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More than Print

It’s easy to see that the process works well for print, but the Print House distributes a wide variety of items for our clients. Here are just a few examples:

  • Boxes and custom packaging shipped worldwide for a Boston based specialty jeweler.
  • Sales kits and promotional products to a field sales staff.
  • Forms, brochures, and appointment cards for one of the largest healthcare networks in the US.
  • “Trade show in a box” shipments coordinate materials and simplify shipments for trade shows and events.

Outsourcing distribution and fulfillment allows your organization to focus on the business functions that are most important. It’s a practical and economical solution that can free up employees and maybe your conference room table. The Print House can help manage tight deadlines and rush shipments. We might even save some money on shipping.


Just get in touch for a risk free consultation. A Print House customer representative will visit with you to discuss products and processes and answer any questions you may have. We’ll propose a plan that makes sense, increases your efficiency, and saves money over the long run.